Save Washington will help to help rebuild,
restore and revitalize our small business climate.

Save Washington

SaveWashington is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation in Washington State. Our UBI Number is 604 693 524 and you can check our status at the Washington State Secretary of State website.

Questions & Guidance

If you are no longer employed due to the vaccine mandate here are some suggestions on how to get started

  1. Apply for unemployment – be sure to use the term LET GO. Do NOT use the word terminated.
  2. Acquire a wrongful termination packet from Washington Civil Rights Council email at:
  3. Review the Resource Page on our website.

If you are under threat of termination or feel you may be terminated, we suggest the following

Send a certified letter to your employer along with the Constructive Notice. Constructive Notice is available at

  1. Talk to others about the illegality of this mandate.
  2. Prepare financially as best you can and be ready to use the resources on the website.